It is acknowledged that the performance of any organization is enhanced by putting in place realistic plans and policies that ensure efficient and effective implementation of its programmes. In line with the Government’s overall reform initiatives of enhancing the delivery of quality services, Shorthorn Printers Limited carried out an institutional assessment which led to the development of the 2017-2021 Strategic Plan. This plan has provided the company with a current and realistic operational framework as articulated in the Vision, Mission, Values, Goal statements and Objectives with their associated strategies and performance Indicators. 

The strategic Plan will assist the company to effectively carry out its mandate of providing quality printing services and production of the other services to meet the needs of the industry. Further, the plan will serve as a guide to members of staff, individually and collectively as they carry out their duties.

It is against this background that I implore management and staff of Shorthorn Printers Limited to ensure that the plan is translated into workable departmental and individual work plans, as well as to put in place effective monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for the purpose of, not only improving performance, but also to form the basis for policy review and change.

The task of reviewing the strategic plan could have been challenging had it not been for the tireless effort and dedication on the part of the Board Members, staff and the consultants. The successful implementation of the strategic plan will undoubtedly depend on, among other things, the continued support of Government, various stakeholders and our esteemed customers.
I look forward to the successful implementation of the plan.

Francis A. Mwale
Board Chairperson

Mr. Steward Nchimunya,

Chief Executive Officer.

As the Chief Executive Officer of the Shorthorn Printers Limited it gives me great pleasure to have spearheaded the formulation of the first ever strategic plan for the company.

The process of drawing up this strategic plan which will run from 2017 to 2021 has been very inclusive in terms of stakeholder participation. The process also provided participants with the opportunity to acquire a refreshed view of issues affecting the printing sector thereby facilitating the opportunity for designing updated strategic options. The diversity of the teams involved in the process also ensured that this strategic plan document took into account all the issues affecting the successful performance of the printing sector.

I wish, therefore, to acknowledge the under listed partners who were involved in the formulation of the Shorthorn Printers Limited strategic plan:
a) The Chairperson and Board Members who provided strategic direction to the team and sacrificed their valuable time to steer the process even beyond their normal working hours.

b) The Consultants who ably led the process up to its final conclusion and introduced all participants to new models and concepts in strategic planning.

c) The Private sector players who made valuable contributions through the stakeholder surveys during the preliminary period to the strategic planning process.

d) Finally I would like to acknowledge the enthusiasm, commitment and sacrifice demonstrated by the whole Shorthorn Printers Limited team which was involved during the entire process of developing the plan.

I remain extremely hopeful that going forward, Shorthorn Printers Limited management and staff having gone through this process are now better placed and equipped to implement the various provisions in this strategic plan document to a level which will positively impact on the development of the Company and its contribution to the entire printing sector. I therefore look forward to our collective effort to steer the company to new heights and profitability.


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