Products And Services

Graphic Designing

Under this department we have qualified graphic designers who
are specialized in a number of graphical software. This is where the laying out of a document or printing jobs starts from. Among many jobs that are dome under Graphic Designing range from Magazine layout, Invoice books, Receipt books, Business cards, Logos, Annual Reports, Calendars ( Wall, Desk and Pyramid),
Labels, Posters, Newspapers, Banners, Pop-ups and many more.

Lithographic Printing

SPL is a fully fledged service-driven lithographic printing company, specialized in printing a wide range of documents. Lithography is simply a process of printing materials from a smooth surface called a plate, to a substrate, generally paper.

Security Printing

The main goal of security printing is to prevent forgery, tempering and counterfeiting. Using the art security features alongside well established techniques. Thus, SPL becoming a market leader in offering security business solutions through the enhancement and protection of its customer’s documents against fraud.


Hot foiling adds a touch of luxury to our customer’s design. Hot foiling is utilized on premium print media like invitation and business cards, reports and headed paper, personalized diaries, journals etc.

Book Binding

Book binding is simply a process of securing and putting together written or printed pages into a cover. In doing so SPL ensures quality is guaranteed for its customer.

Customized Holograms

SPL has a state-of-the-art customized hologram machine as one of its latest, adding to its array of services for
its customers. In guaranteeing quality, this machine is operated by highly trained professionals. A hologram
being tamper proof feature guarantees protection to customer’s company brand.

Embroidery Services

In quest to meet our customer’s corporate brand and image, SPL has added to its quality product services another service line known as “Embroidery Services”.

Bond Paper

In having all products and services under one roof, SPL has again introduced a variety of bond paper to its product line for its client.
In stock are Typek Bond paper  and Maestro bond paper, which are both suitable for Laser, Inkjet Printers and Copiers.