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Shorthorn Printers Zambia Limited (SPL) participated in the just ended 95th Lusaka Agriculture and Commercial Show that was held from 2nd to 7th August, 2023. Aligning seamlessly with the event’s theme of “Inclusive Economic Transformation”, SPL exhibited a range of printing services, covering lithographic, digital, security, large format and screen printing; And among its services that were being displayed are Hologram, Hot foiling, graphic designing and A4 Bond paper sales .

SPL’s vibrant presence at the 95th Lusaka Agriculture Show exemplified the convergence of inventive creativity, boundless innovation, and unwavering commitment to business sustainability. SPL’s showcase indicated steadfast dedication to business transformation of its printing service through the inclusion of non-paper printing product lines in form of Screen and Large formate Printing.

SPL’s multifaceted printing services, combined with its resolute dedication to eco-friendly practices, underscored its crucial contribution toward driving positive economic transformation within Zambian Printing Industry. This active engagement underlined SPLs’ influential role as a forward-looking printing industry leader, perfectly mirroring the event’s theme.